Sunday, December 21

Break is OVER...


Who's back? AIN IS BACK!! Okay, actually I never go anywhere, still here. Only that, I don''t even know what to update cause' I have nothing much to share. My #projekahwinFA belum start sepenuhnya la. Now then I can start sharing.

How do I feel when I only left less than 100 days to my wedding? Senang cakap, I takde perasaan la. Anything, everything I do is unplanned. From the start of I apply my BTO then nak tunang sampai la nak ke jinjang pelamin. To be frank, both my mat and me smacked head when to think back. All is UNPLANNED okay. I have few things to update on. About my vendors, who are there, where I kenal them all. Okay,  I know tu semua tak perlu. Let's start by listing all!

1) Who is my personal MUA for the both days? 
  • The Songket Bridal - By Norseha Sani
  • Personalize more to songket material if you looking for songket.
  • She customized (which I am looking for) our wedding dress for both of us.
  • Price wise, quite reasonable.
  • Kita dapat discount from her tau! And also free hand bouquet. 
Her bridal almost FULLY booked! She only take 1 event per week as she's alone. She is really really friendly! Went to her house for appointment can stay 2-3 hours talk none stop. Ingatkan die sombong BUT nooo wayyyy! Beyond my expectations. So far, she can layan pengantin cerewet macam aku nik. I am really really choosey, and demanding. Alhamdullilah, she do her best. In Shaa Allah everything will go smoothly okay Kak Ha!  

2) Who is our Photographer of the day?
  • Bliss Photo+Cinema
  • They're quite popular actually. Sebut jek "Bliss" confirm orang tahu.
  • Price wise, quite reasonable too.
  • No discount given for our photography. Haha!
  • We've yet to choose our photographer which I heard can choose. Is it?
I think, I already post about our meet up session with one of Bliss's photographer, Nazri. We had a quick meet up and lead to not much talking & discussion as he also having flu too. We are still waiting for them to contact us regards our next meet up session which will be in next year. We've yet to discuss more about the package. Some are still unclear for both of us. But thank you la Bliss causé you add in slot for our wedding event! We're really grateful that you still have slot for our sanding's date. In Shaa Allah, Bliss will do the best for us. Please be more friendly, Bliss.

Bliss Photo+Cinema

Will be back for more updates on #projeKahwinFA!

Saturday, May 17


Opening of my post jek I think you all know what I am going through now. I can be one bridezilla if things doesn't meant on my way. Lately, I'm having migraine and under pressure due to my wedding event. But demi cinta untuk mamat yang sorang tu I rela continue doing my research on wedding again. I have to juggle with work, wedding preparations and my family. Moreover, I was given a task to handle events at work. So I try my best to spend wise at work and with wedding preparations.

Recently what happened to me? I tell you all jangan terkejut beruk la yer. Little boy of mine a.k.a husband to be is going mad and tell my parents that he wants to marry me early next year. Omg! I dekat sebelah tengah tgk tv terkejut giler. Inside my head da keep playing questions. Ape ke hal orang tua nik, tetiba nak kahwin siang. We agreed to get married on August 2015. So, I bombarded him with my 1001 questions la kan. Easy peesy jek ni orang tua jawab, "Sebab I takut dapat rumah siang. I tak nak kelam kabut nk nikah dengan you." Our new house is the MAIN punca why he wants to marry me early. Hmm, I don't know if I should be happy or no. Dalam hati detak detik gembira but at the same time stress. We secured everything you know! Dates also has been set, out of the blue moon he do like that. 

He meant well, I know. Because our house is progressing and we're afraid too we might get key before we get married. And I know too, that my mamat gonna' be very very unhappy if we have to delay our collecting of keys with HDB. So what I am stress now? Asking all my vendors if they can bring forward our wedding event dates tak. So far only few vendors get back to me. If we really can't get hold all vendors. We've decided to do our simple solemnization first. Nikah dulu sanding kemudian la nampaknya. The sedih part is, my mamat will be going for his reservist after a week of our nikah. Oh yes! The date will no be out yet, still pending lor.

My lovelies Bride-To-Be,

Can all of you give me the best place to held my solemnization only? Which is the vendor that can do mini dais for solemnization. As I don't think my decor vendor can do it. Because they also outsource their pelamin which I think is no good la. Where can I get food catering? Cater just a normal makan nikah includes buffet set all. Please help me! 

Amek kau! Da macam tulis surat cinta dekat my lovelies BTB eh. Whatever it is, I would like to say thank you in advance if anyone so kind enough to help me. I just need an opinion from you ladies.

Till here, xoxo

Tuesday, May 6

Open Spaced Event


It's May day and month! I'm back again, and I've took my break on April. Gladly, I can relax from thinking about my wedding related. My purposed of updating this blog of mine today to share something might be useful for the bride to be soon or later or in future.

Have you ladies ever heard of Rider's Lodge, Singapore before? It is just a hotel that only have 40 rooms available. Yes, it's not that big. The place is located at Bukit Timah, and situated inside Horsecity area. I won't be talking much about the lodge anyways. My purposed updating is to share with you ladies that if anyone intended to do an outdoor photo shoot/events you may try out the place. Why I say so?

See the spacious greenery lawn are? It's good for photo shoots and events yknow!

What is the name of the place?
Rider's Lodge, Singapore situated inside Horsecity. Located at central of Singapore. Nearby place, Bukit Timah.

What is Rider's Lodge, Singapore?
It's a hotel, 40 rooms available for accommodation. Small lodge, which is perfect for gateway. Surrounded by nature.

What do Rider's Lodge, Singapore offer?
Rider's Lodge, Singapore does not offer anything however there's some activities going on inside Horsecity. 

What is the activities I can enjoy inside Horsecity?
Pony ride, horse-riding lessons, gym, bar and etc.

Can we throw an event at Rider's Lodge, Singapore?
Yes! Certainly you can. We've loved to rent out the place for you.

What is the greenery & spacious place called?
Lawn Area

What can Rider's Lodge, Singapore rent out?
The lawn area (open-spaced) is about 47m by 17m. The patio area (sheltered) has 14 square tables and 50 chairs with a long table 12m by 2m available to you should you utilize them. The patio area is closed till after 1030am as our in-house guest will have their breakfast here.

A little bit of information what Rider's Lodge, Singapore can do for you if you wants to hold an event at our spacious greenery lawn area. I will share with you ladies, some of my photos and events that going on at the lawn and patio area. 

Declan's 4th Birthday
Date: 22nd February 2014
Time: 3pm to 6pm

Very spacious, and I'm sure kids love to run around. and you may use the whole area to hold your activities. I am glad all of the guests who rent out the area love it and feel very satisfied with it. Let's go down for wedding event that took place recently.

Alex & Eileen's Solemnization
Date: 03rd May 2014
Time: 2pm - 6pm

Tell me what can we do to make your dream event come true. We may help you to source out what you need for the event. To the ladies, if you wish to make your event something different. What you waiting? Email me for more details, and I will do my best to explain more about it.